August 4, 2021

For xLights in 2021, we’ve seen some great new updates. Watch this video to learn how much easier importing sequences has become!

There are some amazing new features for xLights this season in 2021! Let’s discuss a few of the newly available updates.


XLights is a community built project, that is created by developers who donate their time. Because their time is donated every year you will find that you get new updates that depend solely on what the developers have decided to work on. The cool thing about this aspect is that you get updates and features that you might have never predicted!

The majority of the bigger new features tend to come out in the front half of the year, while the rest of the year is usually dedicated to working out the bugs so that everything continues to run smoothly for each new lighting season.

Newest Features

There are a couple really big newer features to point out this season to ensure that you are using xLights to its fullest potential, number one being importing sequences!


Importing sequences has really improved this past year in a couple of ways. Typically in the past you would have found that to import a new sequence you would have to open up the old sequence, watch it, save it so that it renders, check everything to make sure that it plays smoothly, and then import it. This process has now been made even easier!

How It Works Now

Now when importing sequences all you have to do is create a new sequence, go to “import/import effects” and locate your downloaded sequence. It used to be that you would have to go through the process of unzipping the chosen file but now you actually have the option to simply choose the zipped file from the download as is, without all the extra effort, and just hit open!

Once your chosen sequence is open you have the ability to set everything up. This setup process will work the same way as it did previously.


Typically if you have used the same sequence provider before, once you have your file downloaded, you can then load a previous mapping or if you find a different mapping that matches up nicely you can save your mapping and simply press “okay”. Once you press “okay” everything will import and you will see your sequence.

A cool aspect of this newer setup is that you will find that all videos, images and the like will automatically upload without extra effort on your part. You will find now that there will be no red media and that everything will easily show up in your sequence.

The only thing that you will have to do separately is to import your audio file. The reason for this is because you always have to buy the audio separately anyway. Aside from this, you are good to go with your sequence!


If you are buying sequences this season, like many people do, this new feature is going to make them so much easier to import and work with. Less effort setting up your display means you have more time on your hands to enjoy being creative with your show this season!

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