September 23, 2021

Another way to get dynamic range is to use different shapes/types of pixels in your display. Here’s how!

When putting on their Christmas light display many people generally tend to stick to the same type and size of pixels throughout. There is nothing wrong with this, of course, if that is what you have decided works best for your individual needs. However; if you are looking for a new way to spice up your older display and be able to keep it fresh for years to come without breaking the bank, this tip is for you!

How People Use Pixels

The standard way that people put pixels on is that they will take the standard bullet node pixels and put them into strips, into snowflakes, and other different sorts of props and shapes. After they are placed into the chosen props you are then able to map them through xLights or another software to play onto the house.

Often times people choose to stick to the same size and shape of pixels, but this can actually cause you a bit more work when you are trying to create a unique and dynamic display.

Using Different Shapes of Pixels

One way to get a much more dynamic and interesting display without a lot of extra effort is to use different shapes of pixels in your display! There are several different types and shapes to choose from that you can incorporate into your show to give it a little extra excitement for the viewers.

Using different shapes of pixels also enable you to have a more unique look without having to add a ton more lights, which can be great if you are on a certain budget for the season.

Why Are Different Shapes A Good Idea?

The way people use pixels has changed slightly as time has gone on with this hobby of Christmas lighting.

Old style Christmas lights offered a lot of different options as far as size and shapes. You would often find regular mini lights and bulb type lights scattered throughout a typical display.

Nowadays when it comes to pixels a lot of people end up using the same type of pixels throughout their show. However; if you take that little bit of extra time to find and put to use different types and shapes of pixels you will find that your show will be much more dynamic.

Moving Lights

Another excellent addition to your usual Christmas display that can really add a lot of pop and freshness is the addition of moving lights such as the Dominar Beam.


Ultimately the more different textures, shapes, and feel of bulbs that you can incorporate into your Christmas lighting display, the more interesting it looks to the eye and therefore you will need less stuff all together to make the exact same impact. This allows you to get the most for your money and make the most of your display so that you can put on a unique and eye catchingly fresh show each season!

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