April 13, 2021

There are so many different types of pixels to choose from! Today we will talk about all of the different types available to get you started with making your Christmas lighting show a true masterpiece!


There are several things to consider when you are first getting in to the hobby of Christmas lighting. It all essentially comes down to what will work best for your personal needs as far as putting on your show.

Pixel Types

There are many different pixel types out there for your use when you begin your search for the perfect lighting to use during the holidays.

Bullet Node Pixels

One of the most common types of pixels that you will find are standard bullet node pixels. They come on a string and are about four centimeters apart from each other. These can be used to light props, strips, houses and so much more. They are also the cheapest route to go when it comes to lighting.

If you happen to find your show growing bigger and you want something more diverse, you may find that you want to explore other types and shapes of pixels rather than sticking to simply bullet node pixels. By incorporating some different types and shapes of pixels into your show you can really give it that extra visual appeal and create an incredibly brilliant show.

Square Pixels

Generally speaking, square pixels are relatively the same as bullet node pixels, just a different shape. They usually have the same wattage, same LED, and same diffuser.

The primary difference between square pixels and bullet node pixels is that if you are hanging your lighting directly off of the siding of your house or venue, you can get the square pixel strings much closer to your house.

Pixel Balls

When you are going for a bigger lighting look there are a couple options. You can use the smaller pixels such as bullet nodes or square pixels and simply space them closer together to create the bigger light illusion, or you can invest in lighting with bigger pixels. Pixel balls have pixels with a wider surface area and so provide bigger lighting options with twice the brightness. Each ball contains two LEDs rather than one which increases the brightness significantly.

Classic Christmas Lights

Another option you will come across is the “classic” Christmas bulb shape. They all come waterproof, since that is a bit of a necessity when hanging lighting outdoors. These classic looking lights in particular are really lovely to provide the extra Christmas ambiance you could be going for and provide a nice texture difference when compared to the tinier bulbs. They also make it easier to space them farther apart than other types and shapes of bulbs.

Waterfall Tubes

Waterfall tubes are an option that provides a really unique look to your show. They are generally good quality and equally as affordable.

Flood Lights

There are still so many other types of pixels out there but one final one to discuss is the flood light. These can be hung from high up in tree tops or on your house or business to light up large areas of space. They tend to take a bit more power to run, but can be very worth the little bit of extra effort because they give off an amazing look.


One thing to consider when deciding on which type of pixels to buy is the cost. It is important to keep in mind that any shell that is added to the pixel will also increase the cost of the lighting. There are a couple reasons for this; one is that it makes the pixel larger. This requires more assembly and larger shipping packages. The other reason is that they are not sold as frequently as the typical bullet nodes so the cost is higher to offset the lower demand.


Different types of pixels really add a special touch to your show to make it more interesting and just a little bit extra Christmas-y. When you’re choosing what pixels work best for you just keep in mind to think through your specific needs and enjoy being creative with your show!

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