July 5, 2021

This month, I want to talk about DMX moving lights, and how to use them in your display. The first thing you need to figure out is “What DMX moving light do I need?”

Let’s talk about what to look for in a DMx moving light and how to connect them to your system so that you know what options are out there!


When it comes to figuring out what DMX moving heads are compatible with X-lights where do you start? The answer to that is that any light that has DMX is compatible with X-lights. All communications that we use from our controllers are able to be converted down to DMX because most controllers have a DMX output on them.

The next important thing to be sure you have to keep everything compatible is a DMX light. So how do you go about finding the right one for you?

Finding DMX Lights

When it comes to finding the right light to suit your needs, a lot of people begin their search via DMX support groups and Amazon. There you can find multiple options for decent prices.

The issue that might arise when finding these cheaper options is that they are also more cheaply made and may not give you the exact look that you are going for in your display.

Pixel Vendors

Another way that some folks locate their lighting is by skipping the middle man and going straight to a pixel vendor.

There are a few things; however, that you should be cautious of when taking this more direct route. The first thing being that you will want to be sure if your light is waterproof or not.

The other thing to consider is your pricing because the price that you may find does not include the shipping or the tariffs. Currently tariffs on Chinese products are about 30%. This means that you really need to calculate the cost so that your budget and price align to suit your comfort level.

You may also find that with these products the quality and quality control are not as high as they would be if you bought through a more secure source. This is because these products are made to be sold cheaply.

In the most ideal circumstance you want a light that will give you a few years of use before is fails or something needs to be replaced, and you simply might not get this when you buy through this method.

US Vendors

Going through a US vendor when choosing your lighting is always the better option. You get assured quality control for a more reliable product and set prices where you are able to avoid the tariff prices.


When it comes down to it, quality is key in this decision making process. Keep in mind the best route to get your best quality product so that you end up with something that is reliable and lasting.

Pretty much every model has a pro and con list when it comes to moving heads and there is certainly not a one size fits all to making the choice that is best for you. But if you are thinking of getting started with moving heads, just be sure that whatever you decide on gives you the quality you’re seeking so that you can put on the very best display possible!

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