September 2, 2021

If you’re doing your own sequencing it can be difficult to figure out what colors to use. In this video I share my top tips to choose the right colors and the top colors to AVOID using together.

Deciding what colors will work best for your Christmas display, as well as for other holidays can be a lot of fun. The ability to be creative while putting on an amazing show is one of the best parts of this hobby!

Top Colors For Christmas

Ultimately when you are sequencing your display it comes down to whatever you feel fits the music best will be the best choice. There are however some great color combinations that work really well together to give your show that extra pizzazz.


When sequencing your colors for your display you want to think about the flow of your over all show. In any given song that you may choose you don’t want to use every color of the rainbow because that can appear a bit chaotic rather than festive.

Sticking to one or two color combinations brings everything in the song together. It makes everything feel cohesive and coordinates with the music as though everything perfectly belongs.

When you are thinking about the entirety of your display and/or set list you will want to think about songs that flow nicely next to each other. The same goes for your color choices. Doing your best to not repeat the use of the same color sequences from one song to the next gives delightful variety to your display and helps keep your audience engaged throughout your display.

Color Combinations

When people think of Christmas, the initial color combination that comes to mind is red and green. In lighting this combination is actually not one of the best to use. The reason for this is because the two colors when combined directly next to each other in a show they create more of a brown appearance rather than the ”holiday spirit” look you’re going for.

It can be a little difficult trying to determine another combination that really gets the beautiful festive look you desire. In the case that you have a song that really calls for that Christmas combo you may consider trying red and white together instead of red and green.

These candy cane colors together really bring the look and feel of Christmas to your display and still keep a clean, crisp look while combined.

If you happen to be one hundred percent sold on needing red and green sequenced together, a word of advice would be to do your best to separate them visually. Leaving a little bit of visual separation between the two will help them to stand on their own without meshing together in a strange brownish blur.


Another interesting color that might not pop to mind straight away, but looks amazing in a holiday display is blue. Blue looks great with white and gives off a “snowy” appearance. It also flows nicely next to red or even green.

Secondary Colors

Secondary colors can be great when figuring out what color to use next to what. What this basically means is that colors opposite each other on the color wheel will compliment each other beautifully in any sort of artistic display.

When working with lighting there is a little bit of a caveat with this theory because visually in lighting colors will tend to blend with one another during a moving display. Making sure that these are spaced a bit more visually will help to keep them from creating a murky look.

Any of these colors blended with white can be a great option to add to your display. Incorporating white helps to separate and keep your colors looking sharp against one another.


When it comes down to it color wise you really have the option to choose anything you want. It basically comes to what you think and feel goes the best with the music you have chosen for your display. However, sticking to a couple of these mentioned tips for complimentary colors and color combinations will help your display be the best and most visually appealing possible. The sky is the limit!

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