February 7, 2021

Our final taking it apart display, we’re looking at Visionary Light Show’s sequence for Marshmallow World by Francesca Battistelli featuring the Saynt Nek Band.

I really enjoyed this display and ended up purchasing the sequence for our home this year. The amount of hours that goes into designing any of these sequences is incredible. As opposed to you designing it yourself, it sometimes will make sense to just purchase it and make it your own.

What really stood out to me particularly is the quality of design.

As the display kicks off, you immediately see how much is going on right from the start. You’ll notice on the bottom, the circles immediately play along with the piano which is a great touch to the display.

Singing Faces

At first, I personally have never been a fan of singing faces, but now with the past couple of displays we looked at I think I’m starting to change my mind about them. They’re fun and it goes along with the music really well.

Another great touch to the display, is when the lyrics mention snow fall, the display adds a snow fall effect.

The lyrics then mention marshmallow clouds which shifts from snow fall, to clouds floating across the display. A great attention to detail here.

Another detail, is the marquette type of style to the lights. When you create small lines with a gap, it really makes the lights look more complex.

Prop Effects

With this particular song, you’ll notice there is a lot of different sounds going on with the music. For this display, you’ll notice that the props go along with those different tunes.

Between the star, the tree, and the windows they all go along with the music very well making it fun and interactive.

When the song reaches the guitar solo, the display uses the shader effect to play along with it. Some people aren’t a fan of the whole house effect but when used in small doses and during a part of the song it can look really good.

Transitions and Fades

A piece I have noticed throughout this display is the fade and transitioning. When you have an upbeat and active song you may want to display a lot of movement between your props and pixels.

Inside of xLights, the default for the transition option is just a fade. But if you check the drop down, there’s actually a lot of different options. So, be sure to check that and see if there’s a different style of fade you want to use.

The song ends with a twinkle effect and it’s a great finish to a fun song. When it comes to sequencing you can learn a lot by watching other. Sometimes, if you really like a sequence it just makes more sense to buy it and modify it to your setup.

If you decide to design your own, you can learn so much by watching others and the types of effects that they use in their display.

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