July 12, 2021

Are you looking for a moving head for your Christmas Light Display? Introducing the Dominar Beam, the ONLY DMX Moving head for Christmas light shows that comes with a custom model, pre-built FX, tutorials, and more!

When it comes to beam lights for Christmas light shows, whether they be residential or commercial, there are a few main problems with a lot of the models on the market. If you are just getting started with DMX moving heads, these issues can really make things difficult because there is a big learning curve to it. So let’s talk about the solution to these common problems!

The Dominar Beam

The Dominar beam is the very best beam light that we can import to offer here in the US and can help you significantly shorten your learning curve when it comes to Christmas lighting.

Common Concerns & Issues

There are a few common issues present when beginning your lighting journey with x-Lights.


One of the most common issues when you are working with beam lights is that most of these lights are incredibly heavy. This can make moving them around to get the look you want much more complicated.

Usually weight between 70 and 100 pounds, these lights are very heavy and very bulky. This alone can make it rather dangerous as well as a hassle to bring up on to your roof for your display.

Beam Quality

Another frustrating issue is that there are really not good fixtures out there to be able to run a beam show. There are a couple reasons as to why this matters.

One reason being that a lot of times with the cheaper units that have a discharge lamp in them, the ballasts are really weak and so it is quite common for them to fail within a couple years or less.

Another big issue regarding quality is that lower quality makes it a lot more difficult to sequence.

A final major frustration that goes along with lower beam quality is that the common lamps typically go for only around 2000 hours or less. Those hours are not counted only during the time the light is actually outputting, but from the moment you strike the lamp until you douse it at the end of the night.

Once the lamp needs replacing after a couple years of constant use it not only is a hassle to replace but also will cost you quite a bit of money. This adds up when you’re having to do it every couple years.


A beam now available to you to help avoid these regular issues and hassles is the Dominar Beam.

The Dominar Beam is LED based, IP-65 rated which means it is dust proof and good for water jets, its 300 Watts provide excellent illumination, it has a 1.2 degree beam angle, a color wheel, a prism, it is able to rotate and move quickly, and not only all that but it is also priced quite reasonably for everything that you’re getting with this light.

Advantages of the Dominar Beam

There are some great advantages to choosing this particular beam for your display.


One of the first and foremost advantages of the Dominar Beam is that it is light-weight. This allows you to create your display with a lot less effort and is a much safer option to move around than the heavier weight models.

Ease & Brightness

This beam does not use a lamp but it is still bright and compatible and easy to sequence with. Not only this, but along with it is being provided a custom model x-lights file so that you don’t have to figure out the DMX channels on your own.

We also provide tutorials on how to use the light, how to sequence moving lights in x-lights and how to get the most out of your Dominar Beam. We also provide effects presets along with the beam so that you can quickly and easily add effects to your beams.

Beam Angle

Another awesome feature of this light is that 1.2 degree beam angle we mentioned earlier. The narrowness and tightness of this beam angle makes it appear much brighter.

The more highly concentrated beam also means that this light looks fantastic in both white and color and is easily seen.


You are safe to use this light with water jets and snow because it is completely waterproof.


You will find that this light is quite ease to mount as there are clamps on the bottom as well as a tilt lock so that everything stays in place exactly where you want it. This also makes it safer to grab to move around because you can be assured that the light will stay locked in place when you take hold of it.


The cost of this beam is $1899. This is a bit higher than other beams on the market but when you think about the long term when it comes to maintenance and replacements etc there really are a lot of advantages to paying a little bit more for the much higher quality and saving yourself hassle and money in the future.


The Dominar Beam is the the best of the best that we can bring to you. It is the perfect solution for the hassle of older light models and has everything that other lights have and more to make your display as easy and as fun to put together as possible.

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