February 4, 2020

During the start of a new year, there’s often some buzz going around about Pre-Sales. What is a pre-sale exactly and should you consider it?

A pre-Sale is when you have the opportunity to purchase your Christmas lights very early in the season and the cost is set at a discounted rate.

In Christmas lighting, when it comes to pixels that change colors and dance to the music that these are often manufactured in China. So, when it comes to considering the pre-sales, this is when an importer within the United States will sell pixels at a special price if you pay ahead of time.

Why Would You Do It?

Most vendors or importers that sell these pixels wither do this business as a hobby or even part-time. Because of this, the profit margin for these business owners can very thin.

Regardless, this does give you the opportunity to purchase your pixels ahead of time and allows the importer to not have to purchase the products beforehand.

The theory behind this method is that if the products are purchased before the Chinese New Year celebrations, the lights can be manufactured before their holidays and shipped to you before the factories shut down for a while. Not to mention there will be a time delay to ship merchandise overseas and going through port authorities.

In most instances, you can get the pixels you want at a discount and you’ll be able to have them delivered before the actual holiday season takes place.

Should You Do It?

Depending on your personal preferences, a Pre-Sale would be a good option if you do not mind purchasing your lights ahead of time. There will be some time before you actually receive the pixels but it would most likely guarantee that you have the lights delivered to you before the holidays.

Another circumstance to consider is what might be going on with trading between the US and China. If there is an increase in tariffs this could actually increase the overall costs of lights. In some cases, the costs of the lights were close to being the same as just purchasing the lights here in the US.

I have personally used the pre-sale option and it worked out very well. If you know ahead of time exactly what you need and how much, placing an order at the beginning of the new year may be a good fit for you as long as you don’t mind waiting up to 6 months for delivery.

Other Purchasing Options

Lastly, there are other options for purchasing lights for your Christmas display. One example I’ve seen is ordering from a vendor such as RGB Man, where in some cases they are able to get you the pixels within a month delivery time.

You always have the option to purchase from China directly, if that’s a route you wanted to consider.

Overall, if you have a bigger display and you need to purchase a large number of pixels then the pre-sale route would be a good option to consider. Being able to purchase your lights ahead of time as well as being able to save yourself some money would definitely be a very good option.

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