2001 - New Co-Host, Transworld and The Dominar X

Season #2

 In this Episode we introduce a new co-host, JP - Talk about the Transworld Tradeshow, and our brand new fixtures in the Dominar Range.


00:56 Introduction

01:15 David visited the Transworld Trade Show

02:15 Who is JP and how does he fit in

03:20 More About Jp

03:40 Are animated Christmas light displays popular in South Africa?

04:05 Where are Christmas light displays popular in the world?

05:12 What are we talking about today?

05:18 What new things did we see at Transworld?

05:25 Our new Dominar X

05:53 What we had in our booth at Transworld.

06:14 Our new Dominar Par N

06:33 New products from Mattos Designs

08:31 Possibly building a Mega Tree with Evo Pixels

09:40 Our recent videos on YouTube

10:55 Animated Christmas light display cost

12:44 The Kraken Structural System

14:43 The Kraken Ridged System

15:25 Can you build your own props?

17:37 The X-Tool

17:52 The 2 most common connecters that are used

18:24 What we like about the Christmas industry?

19:13 Closing

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