7 - What Computer Do I Need To Make A Christmas Light Show?

Do you need a high spec computer for Christmas Lighting? Do you need it after programming the show? Can you "daily" computer do the job? We answer all your questions in this episode!



01:15 Introduction 

03:18 What program we recommend you use to program your Christmas light show. 

04:41 What platform does xLights run on? 

06:14 Which platform would xLights not work on? 

07:40 How powerful of a computer do you need? 

11:10 What is FPP and what do they do? 

16:32 What specification do I need for my computer?  

17:15 Crystal upgraded her computer after 11 Years! 

20:46 Key information for the day 

21:28 David shares new products from Experience Lights - Genius Pro 16 port 

26:10 When should you start programming? Why it is important order in advance! 

29:33 Closing



xLights: https://xlights.org 

xLights Download: https://xlights.org/releases/ 

Genius Pro 16 Port Controller (Experience Lights): https://experiencelights.com/genius-pro-16-port-controller/ 

Experience Lights Genius Controllers & Receivers: https://experiencelights.com/genius-pixel-controllers/ 


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