What Network Equipment Do I Need for Christmas Light Shows?

Networking plays a large role of Christmas Lighting displays and in the hobby - In this episode we want to walk you through how it works and simplify it as well as help you in buying the right equipment,



00:57 Introduction

02:05 Selling of Pixels

02:54 Today’s topic

03:35 Computer Networking will always play a role in animated Christmas light shows.

04:50 Pieces you need to make everything work

08:42 Using your home network

10:08 Home networks versus show network

13:08 Do you need internet to run your controllers?

15:19 What router do you need?

16:53 What other pieces do you need?

17:49 What type of CAT cable to I need to use?

22:32 Do I need to buy premade cable or make my own?

25:27 Cable testers

27:09 Summary

29:04 Closing




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