Transworld Show Report! What we saw, what we liked!

Transworld! We had a great time at Transworld and wanted to share all of this with you - We saw some cool things, met amazing people and saw some old friends.



01:15 Transworld Christmas Show 

01:55 Crystal first impressions and idea of the show. 

03:48 What types of vendors you will get at this trade show 

05:37 Crystal experience as a first-time attendee. 

09:30 Highlights of the trade show. 

10:50 One of Crystal’s highlights 

13:46 Who is Tom? 

19:25 Why would you want to buy a sequence? 

22:57 David was pulled over on his way home 

25:00 Other Vendors we saw there 

29:58 Talking about P5 & P2.5 kits at  

32:31 Mattos Designs 

34:49 Mixed shapes on your Christmas Display can make a difference 

43:23 Buscoyo Studio products. 

55:00 Closing. The next dates for Transworld have been released.  


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