How Do You Choose a Power Supply? + Wired Watts P5 UHD Kits

This is a power episode. Jokes apart, we are talking everything power supplies in this Episode and welcoming a new member to the Podcast - We also talk about the P5 UHD Kits from Wired Watts.



00:56 We are back, and welcoming another member, Crystal.

02:23 What are we talking about Today?

03:30 Why can’t you plug Pixels just directly into wall power?

04:28 Power supplies

05:12 5v vs 12v Pixels

07:46 Wattage on power supplies

10:42 Headroom on your power supplies

12:59 Waterproof vs non-waterproof power supplies

15:00 Plastic Enclosures and Moisture with Power Supplies

16:07 Cost differences

18:44 24v Pixels

20:05 Pixel Connecters

23:39 New Product on the Market (P5 Prop Insert)

28:30 Crystal might doing her own doing her own Display



Mean Well LRS 350:

CableGuard CG500:

RNI1500 by Multilink:

UHD P5 Insert for Coro Props no Computer:  


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