What are Pixels? + Motorized Pixel Pushers?

Thank you for joining us on the second Episode of the What's Happening in Christmas Lighting Podcast. 

Join David Henry from Learn Christmas Lighting as we learn about Christmas lighting topics and cover the latest news and products in Christmas lighting.



01:20 What we talk about in this Podcast

02:02 Our free guide on Learn Christmas Lighting

03:19 How to know you are buying the right stuff?

05:44 The Christmas season

06:03 What are Pixels and how are they different from regular Christmas Lights?

09:30 How to control loads of Pixels

11:36 Different shapes and types of Pixels and which you should use

06:11 New Products in the Christmas Lighting hobby

06:30 Pixel Pushing made easier



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Mattos Designs RGB Trim: https://store.learnchristmaslighting.com/products/rgb-trim-ul-listed

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