December 30, 2020

If you still have your Christmas display up by New Years Eve, is it worth putting together a sequence or countdown for New Years? In this post I am going to show you a few quick ways that you can quickly put together a display for New Years’.

This is can be something as simple as countdown with some cool firework effects and is a great way to celebrate the new year with your family, friends, and neighbors.

Add a Countdown

My first suggestion is adding a countdown to your display because every New Year’s Eve has a countdown, right? If you have a vertical matrix or even a horizontal matrix it can very easy to quickly add a countdown to your display.

Inside of xLights, you want to create a text effect and an animation type of sequence. Depending on the size of your matrix, you want to increase the speed of the text so that it’ll flow like a countdown would.

Once you find the right speed, just copy and paste 10 times, make the changes, and you have a countdown for your display! This works well with a horizontal display but looks great if you have a mega tree or vertical matrix.

Adding Fireworks to Your Display

What is a New Years’ without some fireworks? So let’s consider adding some firework effects to your New Years display.

This can be an easy step where you add the firework effects within xLights. You want to consider increasing the number of explosions as well as particles in explosions to see how it will look across your display.

A quick tip, if you want something to grow, click the “green arrow” to open a window called value curves. You can choose from a variety of different curves and allows you to select time that the values run.

Downloading a Free Sequence

If you’re looking for an option where you don’t have to do much, there is a free sequence download available from Magical Light Shows. That is a sequence where you can download, adjust, and set up for your own diplay.

Have fun with it, add some quick effects, and you’ll have a great display for the New Year.

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