April 27, 2022

Many people want to avoid drilling into their houses to mount pixels. In this video, David covers your options for pixel mounting to your house without drilling and explores some of the pros and cons to look out for.


There are a vast majority of people who don’t want to drill holes into their houses to put up their Christmas lighting. While some people don’t mind at all and simply put a little caulk in the holes at take-down time, you may not be one of those people and that’s perfectly fine! There are options to suit every need!

Sunnybrook Lights

One of the first resources to check out if you are hoping to avoid holes in your house come Christmas time is Sunnybrook Lights. Their website includes a ton of different clips for gutters, the corners of vinal siding, as well as many other options.

When you need to mount to vinal siding, you will find that this company has really great clips for the edges of the siding. They are quality build with high grade plastic which gives them the sturdiness they need to last and hold through even the roughest winter weather with no problems.

Another positive about this company is that they have been around for quite some time which is a testimony to the quality of their products and service for now and the foreseeable future.


Amazon is another great source for being able to locate the majority of different lighting and light hanging options available for a decent price. You can easily do a search for vinal siding clips and come up with a plethora of options.

Vinal Siding Clips

The function of vinal siding clips is to clip under the siding in the groove where the siding pieces connect. Typically, with siding there is a break every three or four runs where you are able to attach these clips.

The siding clips generally work well as long as the instructions are followed. You may find you want to double up on them just to be safe with the amount of weight they can handle, although this is not completely necessary. One thing you do really have to be careful of is to be sure you are not hanging an extraordinary amount of weight off of them. They do have the potential to pull siding off of the house rather than just fall off if too much weight is added to the hooks. Again, best to just be safe and follow the instructions as far as placement and weight distribution and save yourself a bigger hassle of having to replace siding.

You will find that getting these clips tucked in as close to the house as you can will prevent any issues , as well as adding some zip ties or bungee balls for a little added support if you have larger props.

Brick Clips

Brick clips are pretty basic when it comes to how they are used. They simply clip on to your brick. The thing to watch with these is that there will be variations in sizes when you go to purchase them. These different sizes are meant to help them specifically fit different sizes of brick in order to keep them sturdily in place.

If you get ones that are off by even just a little, they are not going to work so really make sure you measure and get exactly what you need before spending your money. With Amazon shopping, one positive is that you can often do free returns if you do indeed accidentally order the wrong size, so do keep an eye out for this option at checkout if you are a little uncertain about what size to purchase.

Mattos Designs

The final great option to discuss is from Matos Designs. These options, however, are ones that you do have to drill so keep that in mind prior to purchasing. There are two parts to these, one being a washer that sits against the house and is drilled in and then the mount itself.

You will find that it is very much like mounting a screw into your house but it’s magnetic. The magnetic aspect allows you to simply clip the prop up once the washer is in place. If you paint these washers to match your brick or siding you can leave them up without worry of anyone ever noticing them once your lighting props are down for the season and you will only have to get everything into place once for your display as opposed to having to re set everything every year.


If your goal is to mount your seasonal lights and decorations without drilling into your house, it is definitely no easy task but using a combination of clip variations as discussed above can really be a lifesaver for you and ensure that you get the beautiful holiday look you are going for.

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