December 22, 2021

Want to know the basics of setting up your first FPP sequences and schedules? Get it here for FPP version 5 and up!

Once you have your FPP set up and you are on your show’s network it’s time to start adding sequences! These sequences will make your display everything you have in mind and have everything running professionally with ease.


When you are ready to get started with adding sequences to your FPP the first thing you will want to do is to go into xLights and find your layout. You can save your sequences from there and you are then ready to start setting up your sequences on FPP.

FPP Sequencing

Once you are ready with your layout you will then go to “tools” in xLights and select “FPP connect”. You will likely find this part to be super easy. This selection will go and locate all of your FPPs. You are able to add them manually as well just in case it for some reason does not locate them all automatically for you.

The next step will be to press “upload” and be sure to leave the setup mode as default. You can then select your desired playlist if you want and upload your sequences.

Choose the sequences that you want to upload. You can sort these by the date modified which you will likely find incredibly helpful. You will then choose a media which will be the FPP that will be playing the music. For any other FPPs you can uncheck media because you will not need those audio files in there.

Playlist Setup

There is nothing more to do but to press “upload” and watch it go. You will then find “content setup”, “playlists” and set up your first playlist. You will give it a name and a description. You will then see three portions: Lead in, Main playlist, and lead out. Lead in is something that plays once at the start of the night and lead out plays once at the very end of the night.

You will then select “add a sequence”. As long as the MP3 was uploaded with the media it should automatically match them. If it does not for any reason, you can choose them manually. Once they are added you can then reorder them any way you like.

Schedule Setup

“Content”, “set up scheduler” is where you will set up your schedules. By default, it is already active and has a start and end date. You can change the details to suit your needs as far as how often you want it to repeat, start and end times, etc. The final thing to do is to make sure you hit “save” and you will be good to go!


The process of adding sequences and scheduling to your FPP is fairly straightforward and simple. Once you follow all the quick steps to get set up you will be good to go without any issue for your show or display.

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