July 21, 2021

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about how the Dominar compares in price to other moving heads on the market. In this video, I want to compare the Dominar Beam with some of the other options on the market so you can find the right moving head for you!

Taking into consideration all of the moving lights out there today compared with the Dominar Beam let’s compare features to give you the most balanced, non-biased way possible to decide what’s right for you.

The Dominar Beam

If you’re ready to add beams to your show, the Dominar Beam is an excellent choice. In comparison to other lights on the market in the Christmas light world, this is definitely on the higher, more professional end of the spectrum.


The Dominar Beam is a 300 watt LED light which is beautifully bright and long lasting. This light fixture is also lightweight and has a locking feature to keep everything still which makes it really easy and much safer than other options to move around and get to where you need it in your display.

You will notice the initial price of this light appears to be more expensive than other brands but due to shipping already being calculated and added to the cost you end up paying the same or even less than other brands for a much higher quality and safer light fixture.

Other Light Options

You may find other light options for moving heads on the internet and might see that the price is a bit lower. In these cases though, you really need to consider what you are getting for your money. These less expensive options from China tend to be MUCH heavier, weighing upwards of 80-100 pounds which can make maneuvering these lights where you want them rather difficult and even unsafe.

Other reported issues with these less reputable brands are issues with belts and ballasts going bad, making your fixture unusable until these things are fixed.

Another thing to consider is that although the light itself might be cheaper at the start of the sale, the shipping and tariffs are not calculated into the initial cost. This means that by the end of your efforts to get your moving head overseas, you could end up spending a wild amount of money for a lesser quality product.

Delivery Times

Delivery times are another thing to consider when comparing the Dominar Beam to other options. You may find that other options are 4-6 weeks delivery time before you receive your product.

Professional Option Comparison

There are other options available out there are well that are professional quality moving heads for your show. You may find that these lights could have a slightly brighter beam but you will be paying a significant amount of money more for this small perk.

The quality of the majority of professional lights that you will find on the market are equal or very nearly equal in quality to the Dominar Beam with the only real difference being in cost. Because the Dominar Beam is brought in exclusively straight from the factory, cost level is able to be kept much more affordable than any other professional option.


If you have been on the fence and you have been looking at the Dominar Beam, this option just might be the very best for your needs. Even if it looks expensive initially, the reality of it once quality, time of delivery, ease of assembly, and less hassle for an amazing waterproof, light weight, professional product is that the Dominar Beam truly is one of the best options out there.

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