January 18, 2021

Our next display in the Taking it Apart series is from the David Peace family and this display is based on the Super Mario Bros and Jump Up, Super Star!

What makes this display really amazing is that it’s not like most and presents some very unique looks and effects. Let’s break it down and highlight some of the details.

As it gets started, you are immediately thrown back with Super Mario theme music and if you grew up in the 80’s or 90’s it definitely takes you back!

Use of Moving Lights

As the show gets started, you notice some moving lights’ effect on the house. I was able to confirm with David Peace that they do use a few stage moving lights for their show. They’re layering the moving lights on top of the pixels, a great touch!

Pixel Panels on the House

One of the pieces that makes this display really stand out is the use of pixel panels across the entire house. These are are spaced at 3 inches apart. This type of set up allows them to great a bunch of awesome looks and graphics.

As the display gets going, you may notice the use flood lights on the bottom of the house that help light up when the pixels go dark.

The pixel animation and being able to run video really comes into play for this display.

Another great touch and attention to detail, pixels were set up in the street lamps and adds a nice touch to the display.

The Back and Forth Effects

One of my favorite details in this display is the back and forth effect that they are able to create with this display. You’ll notice the animation and the lights on the house but then it goes dark and they jump to the mega tree.

One of my favorite parts in this display is the use of the pea sticks and being able to create some depth to their display. It makes it feel like everything is moving on the ground, it’s very cool!

Using a Projector Screen

As if the graphics weren’t cool enough, they added a projector screen to the display and at the right moments blacking out the lights and using the projector screen.

They even added a C02 jet to make a fog effect for the end of the display.

This display is very unique to most Christmas displays but that’s what makes it so fun. There’s a great coordination to between the pixels on the house, to the yard, and then using a projector screen. It was very entertaining and so much work went into this very fun display.

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